Cant work out why mobile is failing

So I have had a speed company come into my laravel site and we spent soo many weeks trying to get everything running as best possible. Right now the site is running fast on desktop, and seems to be running well on mobile. Page experience is up to 100% on search console but on mobile i have had 0 page experience and 0 good urls. All the audits I do are coming up fast and fine yet something is not right.

Someone said there might be some conflicting between the litespeed cache and the cdn. But im totally at odds what to do.

Can you share your domain so we can take a look?

Also do note that if you don’t have enough traffic on mobile, those page experience reports in Search Console may not show any data.

so I have around 350 people per day so im thinking that should be well enough.


After more digging I am starting to think now that the main culprit is the TTFB. This is due to the large amount of dynamic content on the site. From what I can find there will be nothing I can do to improve this with that I already have done.

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