Can't visit in China

Can’t visit in China
The ping test also failed
(sorry my english is poor)


Cloudflare System Status

Pinging through the great firewall is doesn’t always work. What happens when you try to visit the site in a web browser?

If I don’t use vpn, I can’t visit any website of cloudflare
The browser said:

It seems like the cloudflare’s ip has been banned in China
Can you change another ip for

I just tested a few of my Cloudflare domains and they are all accessible in China.

You can do a remote test through this website:


It could just be a local ISP issue.

It should be noted that in China there isn’t ONE ban rule. It can vary between cities or networks. Whatsapp might work in one place, but not in others.

There are a few more websites that check different network access in China.

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