Cant view API key

Hey there,

I I am trying to retrieve my api key to fully set up cloudflare on my website. When I try to enter my password to view the api key however, I keep getting either a message saying “invalid captcha error” or to enter my email, which there is no field to do so. I thought maybe i was entering my password incorrectly but when i logged out and tried to log back in using it it worked fine. I was trying to find an email to contact a member of the site for support but could only find this community area. Any input is appreciated, thanks.

Are you using any content blockers in your browser?

I disabled it but i am getting the same response

Can you drop a note to support AT cloudflare DOT com and let me know the ticket number you get back in reply? Sorry for the issues @itsseanjohnbaby232. I am unable to replicate the issue nor do I see similar issues in the queue. Can you try from a different browser?

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Perfect, thanks so much for the help!

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