Can't verify email address - "This link is not valid"

I created a new CF account and added my website and activated SSL.
but I can’t verify my email address. I get this error message. “This link is not valid”

I tried every thing here in the community:

  • tried another browser
  • tried incognito mode
  • cleared cashed
  • even tried from my phone
    No luck till now

Also tried to Reset password “Forgot password” , but I don’t get the “Reset code” on my email

Any suggestion?

Finally tried to Reset password “Forgot password” , but I don’t get the “Reset code” on my email

But, after clicking on the link, I got this error message:
API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/password-reset (429)

So, I can’t even change my password.

Now, changed my password using the same email,
but the email still not verified.

I show those emails as being delivered and do not see any bounced emails. Can you ensure the following addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected]?

Hi @cloonan, Thank you for responding.

I got the emails. may be there is just a delay in receiving, but I got them and I reset my password successfully.

resetting password - as I guessed -was just a workaround to get my email verified.
but my email is not verified yet. This is my main issue

Sorry for the issues, can you go here and send yourself a verification email? LMK once you’ve done that and I’ll check on the delivery status.

Now, I sent myself a verification email, and got it in my email.
an Yes, my email is verified now.

Thank you @cloonan

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