Can't verify domain in Google Workspace


I’m having trouble verifying a domain,, in Google Workspace.

I have added domains to Google Workspace with Cloudflare DNS countless times before with no issues. I’ve spoken to Google Support and they have referred me back to Cloudflare, as they cannot see the issue at their end. I’m struggling to understand how Cloudflare can be the issue, but please could somebody give me some ideas?

Many thanks

The domain’s delegation of name servers from the parent registry is currently:

Any changes you expect to kick through in the DNS system will therefore have to be done through Namecheap’s control panel.


Hello everyone

Thank you for your reply @DarkDeviL. I actually temporarily put the name servers back to Namecheap to rule out Google’s suggestion it was the DNS host; it wasn’t.

The issue actually turned out to be the verification code. I was logged in to the Google Workspace as a reseller. As soon as I logged in with the customer, the verification code changed and the process completed as expected.

I believe this is a bug and I have reported it to Google, but I thought I’d reply here in case anyone is experiencing similar issues.

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I agree with your assessment. Google, however, does not. I wasted too much time on this myself a while ago. Thanks for sharing your findings. It was definitely a frustrating situation that defies expected behavior and is very poorly documented.

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I’m glad that I’m not alone in this, and that my reply is helpful.

I’ve currently got a support ticket open with Google, but given that the agent I’m speaking to is unsure who they should report it to, I’m not holding my breath!

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