Can't validate Namecheap SSL because Cloudflare record is still here

I have been trying to validate an SSL for Namecheap with a DNS record. Now Namecheap has stated that we still have this DNS record in Cloudflare when it’s not the case, as we created a new one in GoDaddy. Is there any reason why the Cloudflare DNS record is still showing up which would prevent an SSL verification?

This is the response that Namecheap gave when I reached out about the SSL verification not going through:

“You have mentioned that you have created a CNAME record with your DNS provider. Upon our check, your nameservers are showing both GoDaddy and Cloudflare ones. In case you have used Cloudflare for creating a CNAME record, please check if the orange cloud ‘Proxy’ is still enabled. As our system does not see a CNAME record created, it is possible that it is being hidden behind the proxy - therefore, the certificate is not validated.”

Hi @user6475,

What is the domain and what is the record you have been asked to add?

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