Can't validate DNS with AWS certificate as cname name gets cropped


I’m trying to validate with AWS by adding a cname record in the DNS.

But the name amazon gives gets cropped by Cloudflare so it fails.

I must be doing something wrong as I can’t see anyone else having this issue?


make sure the CNAME is grey-clouded, not orange-clouded

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Yep tried with it not proxied, it seems like it’s cut off the part of the name that is the domain. Is that on purpose because it’s not needed? Either way it’s was changed hours ago and AWS still says validating

That is just how it is displayed in the UI, Cloudflare does not show the domain on the end so as not to clutter the screen. As long as everything before that and the value is correct and the record is :grey: then there should be no issue.

Have you checked for that CNAME using dig/nslookup or even

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Thanks, should I select cname and the full cname name? Because that doesn’t work but I thought it might be the case as it’s just pointing to an aws validation that also doesnt work if you try it?


Can you post a screenshot of the record you added in Cloudflare and the full CNAME name including the domain so we can check?

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Thanks, it’s started appearing now in the DNS checker for some regions. So looks like it’s a wait for AWS to pick it up / propagate to there and everything is fine from cloudfront :+1:


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