Can't use Railgun, need some help



Hi, I have a site ( in Siteground and a free account in Cloudflare. I set the CloudFlare configuration so my domain and DNS is managed through Cloudflare. So, in SiteGround, Cloudflare is not activated.

I want to activate Railgun, but the Railgun Settings button sends me to this page --> , where I have nothing (no products, no apps) and there’s no indication about what I must do next. I understand that I can use Railgun with my free account, but I don’t know what I must do. May you help?


You’ll need to pick a name for your Railgun instance and put it in the “Enter new Railgun name” field. Once you do that you’ll see links to guide you through the setup and configuration.


I can’t find the screen you’re talking about. This is what I see in the page I’m sent ( There’s not space there to write, or “Railgun” tab.


Seems I’m wrong and Railgun is exclusive of the Business plan. Is that correct?


I’m sorry. If you sign up directly with Cloudflare it is a BIZ and above feature. If you opt to instead setup Cloudflare through SiteGround it should be available.


Thank you, Ryan!