Can't use PayPal Balance as a payment method?

When trying to use PayPal to pay for the Stream service checkout will not let me select PayPal balance as a payment option Even though that is setup in my PayPal account as the preferred way to pay? Why?

See if this PP community post helps:

Judge, thank you for the quick response but My Preferred way to pay online setting in PayPal is set to use the PayPal balance first however during checkout for the Stream service the only payment method offered is a direct debit to my bank account. There is no way to select PayPal balance? Not sure if this is a Cloudflare issue or a PayPal issue?


Can confirm. I also not seeing an option to pay with my PayPal balance even though it is set as my preferred payment via Paypal settings. It only shows me one card I have on file with Paypal which I do not wish to use for my CF payment. I am trying to upgrade to the Pro plan at the moment, and would really like to use my PayPal balance. Is it possible? Thanks!

Hi @blas,

From searching through previous posts, it looks like you have to pay by card…

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Gotcha! Paying with balance would be really convenient for us!

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