Cant use FTP after immigrating to Cloudflare

Guys , my website is hosting by Germany servers .
And I have another Host for Upload&Download ( No database ) , and It I set this Download host in one of my subdomains ,
My website :
My Download host :
Now here is the problem ,
Before immigrating to cloudflare I had acces to my ftp for , but now I cant access . I use a plugin that automatically download and upload files to my download host.
Anyone can help me fix the problem ?

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I just checked this subdomain and it’s not proxied. Did you proxy it when you are having FTP issue?

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Yesterday I tried that , I checked the proxied and I had the same problem . And then I ties DNS only option and still I have problem .
Im beginner to cloudflare and Im not sure which is correct

Can you try again?

If the issue still persists, can you try ping and see what IP address you get?

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FTP does not matter to the domain, log in with the IP server.
If you still can not tell the backers.
Well log in with IP hosts, do not try with domain.

What exactly do you mean by not having access?
You can not connect to the host or the host is down or the cloudflare does not open the host or …
I need to understand what it means to not have access.

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I use a plugin that automatically download and upload files to my download host.
after immigrating to cloudflare when I want to use that plugin i will face a white blank page or it shows me " Couldnt connect to FTP"

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By the way @MiladKheirkhah you haven’t answer my question yet.

If you got Cloudflare IP address (starts with 104) when you ping, this might be the culprit. Cloudflare does not proxy FTP traffic.

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Yes Im trying your solution now @erictung

@erictung yes the ip adress is from cloudflare after I proxied

Enter the IP server in the FTP settings section of the plugin instead of the subdomain.

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Your computer or DNS resolver (perhaps your ISP) may be caching the IP lookup of the domain name. That would cause your computer to resolve the domain name through Cloudflare’s proxy even after setting it to DNS only in the Cloudflare dashboard. Some resolvers don’t honor cache times and may hang onto that info longer than Cloudflare DNS told it to. Troubleshooting that can be tricky, but rebooting your computer or switching DNS providers (to or for example) may solve that problem.

As for accessing ftp with your domain, you do need it set to DNS only. You’ve got two work-arounds if you want to use Cloudflare’s proxy and still access ftp.

  1. Do what @DotMrCode suggests and use the IP address directly in your ftp settings rather than the domain (which remains proxied by Cloudflare).
  2. Create a second domain record which is intended for ftp and is set to DNS only in Cloudflare’s dashboard. In other words, you would have and point to the same IP address, but would be DNS only and would be proxied.

The downside of option 1 is you have to change the settings of every client whenever your IP address changes (hopefully not often). The downside of option 2 is you get a little warning in the Cloudflare dashboard about exposing the IP address of a proxied domain and there is no Cloudflare protection on that domain ( in the above example).

So you can see, neither option is great but that’s what we’re stuck with. Hope this helps.

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