Can't use email with BlueHost because of Cloudflare

Hello, can someone please help me? I am not a computer tech person, I don’t understand the language, but I have an email I bought to go with my domain with BlueHost, and somehow Cloudflare is interferring with my ability to use it. I had a VA years ago who set this up and she is not responding to me on this. It should be simple for any of you guys to help me figure this out. I created a new account with Cloudflare since I can’t find the one I had, so I don’t know if that will confuse things.

What is your domain, and what problems do you have with your email? Sending? Receiving?

Did you activate your domain in the new account by changing your nameservers at Bluehost?

My domain is I can’t recieve emails. haven’t tried sending. I use a MacBook Air and Apple mail. On my Bluehost account I see the nameservers as and I have no idea who Joyce and Jermaine are.

You currently do not have any DNS records for email. That means you won’t be able to send or receive emails.

When you log into Bluehost, do you see this screen? You should have an MX and a TXT record starting with v=spf1 there, and optionally a TXT record starting with v=DKIM1.

This is what I see:

Do you see anything like in the Professional Email, or MX and SPF records?

If you can’t find these values, you will have to ask Bluehost Support for them. (MX, SPF and optionally DKIM).

Btw, these are just random names that Cloudflare uses for their nameservers instead of giving them numbers. There is no meaning to them.

Thank you so much for your help! But given my significant lack of knowledge of this topic and limited time, I’ve just handed this over to a new VA to help…I thought this would be so easy for me, but the rabbit hole just keeps getting more convoluted.

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