Can't use cloudflare with

I tried to block vpns and proxies to my website using, but cloudflare ip’s get also blocked, so basicly no one can access my website!
Is there a way to whitelist cloudflare for iphub? I created the website with php.
Thanks in advance

What exactly are you blocking? Your site is not on Cloudflare, so you can block Cloudflare all you want, it will never affect visitors as they do not come via Cloudflare anyhow.
for example this shows at ASN/ISP: AS13335 - CLOUDFLARENET
It blocks everyone because everyone who accesses my website gets an ip by cloudflare or something? I don’t know exactly how it works, my friend setted it up for ddos protection, but now we can’t acces our site because of this…

Yes, that is a Cloudflare IP address. And how is that related to your website? You can block that address all you want, your site is not on Cloudflare and hence visitors wont notice, but I already wrote that.

What do you mean? My site uses cloudflare…

In which way?

the normal way? sorry I don’t really understand what you mean with in which way

Well, as I said, it does not. Your domain does not point in any way to Cloudflare, hence you are not using Cloudflare.

no wait I think yo didn’t understand
thats my website blocks vons on that website
my website does use cloudflare,
but blocks cloudflare also, it thinks it is a vpn or something, so no one can acces the website on that link

Well, in that case it might have been a good idea to post your domain from the beginning.

Anyhow, yes your domain is on Cloudflare and you should not block any Cloudflare related IP ranges.

Yes, sorry I might have done that, but yes thats the problem I don’t know how to whitelist cloudflare IP there so I thought maybe some people wo use the same thing knows how to whitelist cloudflare IP

Thats a question for your host, respectively whomever maintains your site.

owh, ok, Thanks anyways!

The problem is we using IPHub as we said… but IPHub detect cloudflare´s ip and not our user´s ip.

Post a screenshot of your issue.

How can I screenshot a ip error? our antivpn( we have on our website detect CloudFlare´s ips and not our users ip´s

Take a screenshot of whatever is not working as it should and explain exactly what you expect.

But considering you are regularly referring to IP addresses you probably need to look at Something you would have found if you had used the search as asked when posting :wink:

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