Can't use Cloudflare DNS into my website

So I had a website from 2016 that I was using with Cloudflare DNS. Few days ago I needed to migrate the website into a stronger VPS, so I needed to change the VPS IP associated with the domain.

When I tried to login into my old Cloudflare account to change the A redirect, I notice I forgot the password of that old account. Reading Cloudflare suggestions, they say in this case I just have to make another Cloudflare account and use the new DNS, this is what I did.

The problem is that my domain reject new Cloudflare DNS. Doing a DNS check, this is the error that I’m getting:

I don’t understand what that error means, of course the new DNS are different from the previous DNS!!! What’s the problem here?


I’d use the previous account, that will be easier.

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I can’t use the previous account, I forgot the password

Then reset it.

I fear this is not possible, I let expire the email domain associated with that Cloudflare account because of poor success

Then you have to go the complicated way.

Contact your registrar and tell them to force the new nameservers you were given on your domain. Only then your domain will be verified for your new Cloudflare account.

Already did this, I contacted OVH and lost 3 days waiting for their answer for the ticket, but in the end they told me to contact Cloudflare

Well, your registrar is doing that unnecessary check and they should be able to disable that in your case.

I’ll try to copy-paste your answer to them and I see what they say

They refused, and they also said I must use the previous Cloudflare DNS because are authoritative for my domain (? I don’t know what they mean) or instead I should talk to Cloudflare about this issue. What should I do?

I don’t understand why they refuse to change the NS on behalf of the owner. The only possible solution (outside trying to regain access to the old account or email address) would be to try and contact Cloudflare support from the new account, I doubt it will work, but trying doesn’t cost anything.

Alternatively you could change domain registrar…

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This is their full answer, it’s translated with google translate:

Dear Customer,

As I have already reiterated it is not OVH that does not update DNS, because
OVH does not deal with checking the Nameserver and their

The problem is present in the Registry, as doing the DNS Check
from the Italian Register is the same register that indicates that it is not those i
Authoritative nameservers assigned to its domain

The authoritative servers are those that are assigned by the provider for the
correct propagation of the Record and the DNS zone set with those

Therefore it can not refer to the Cloudflare Nameserver, but must indicate
for DNS update of the Nameserver that are authoritative for that domain.

I remain available if necessary.

So it is the .it registry?! AFAIK they actually do have a nameserver validation in place. :roll_eyes:

In this case you’ll most likely have to contact support and somehow convince them that you are the rightful owner of the domain, upon which they could change the announced nameservers. It is a possibility, but a hassle. If you can reactivate the old account it would be certainly easier.

Yeah, it being the .it registry I know it’s a pain. Then the solution is support as @sandro has reiterated.

Maybe @cloonan can help a bit!

But OVH never asked me to verify that I’m the rightful owner of the domain, while it’s the same Clouflare that say I have to register a new account in situations like mine. Who do you mean by “contact support”? OVH or Cloudflare?

I hope someone can help me… as I said, I’m dealing with this problem from 3 days - almost 4 days, and last night my homepage disappeared from google search - because my website it’s unreachable since then. This morning bounced back but I fear I’m running out of time

Losing a website for this reason it’s really depressing

Try contacting Cloudflare’s support. OVH knows you are the owner, the issue here is that the .it registry requires the check.

This a tough one, @shin.■■■■, pls share the ticket number when you contact support.

The ticket number is this: 1612714
I already get an answer (from you maybe?) but the first half of the answer it’s not useful (they just told me to change dns into my registrar account, which I can’t do because I get the error) while I didn’t understand the second half of the answer (I just had a quick read because I have to go out for 30 minutes or so now, maybe with a better read I will understand better)