Can't use Cloudflare as master DNS


I’ve my server running virtualmin, and using cloudflare services.
My goal is to configure my local server as slave dns server for the hosted domains.

While trying to do this, the process fails with the message transfer failed.

I’ve configured all the apollo and elinor IP addresses that appear has master, and all fail.

Do I need any special configuration on cloudflare side to allow this?

I tried to find info about this, but all I got was related to having Cloudflare as slave, and I want cloudflare as master.

Help appreciated.

Cloudflare DNS doesn’t allow zone transfers. However, you can download the entire DNS zone file through the API. Maybe Virtualmin will let you import it.

Keep in mind that these records will be the origin IP addresses, and not the public IP address Cloudflare shows for your domain. Also, you can only have Cloudflare name servers assigned to your domain. So if you’re trying to use this as a failover, you’ll need that extra step to change name servers at your registry.

Thank you for your reply.

The goal was mostly to have it setup only in one place, and then automatically replicating.

If I add my server in registrar, I still need to keep the records in sync manually.

Would be much easier if could just sync with Cloudflare.

Thank you very much for the info.

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