Can't use CF just for Stream without changing nameservers?

I was using CF Stream to host tutorial videos for a domain I can’t change nameservers for or swap DNS to CF. Domain was automatically deleted from and now I can’t manage the videos? The videos still stream though. Is that intended? Anyone else with this problem?

You need to verify your domain on Cloudflare in order to use Cloudflare.

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Thank you, makes sense. Is it safe to re-add and verify my deleted domain or will it reset Stream?

That is a question for support. I am not sure your videos will be kept if your domain has been removed and you re-add it again.

Just confirmed by the support and tested on my account: stream videos are tied to your account, not a domain. For anyone in my situation: add a new domain and you should re-gain access to your stream.

Many thanks for your help!


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