Can't use

I can’t use as DNS any more (for two weeks, aprox) from my ISP network [I’m the ISP :slight_smile:]

Traceroute is fine, ping is fine; works; I’ve double-checked everything but can’t find anything in my routing/firewall that would stop DNS requests to-from…

I doubt my upstream ISP (Telekom Serbia) is blocking the request but I don’t know how to check that. [using the backup link, thru another provider, works fine]

Any help for me ?

Dejan J.

It is (or was) not unusual for to be used internally in some networks and on some equipment. There is even a blog post about this.

Do the traceroutes to and look the same length, and do they leave the ISPs network?

You can also visit and see what the test results look like.

Very strange - traceroute is not the same to and … from cloudflare…/help I can see that I don’t have DNS connectivity to (which I’ve found out already) …

Since it’s probably an error at my ISP (high level, state-owned, telco.) there’s nothing I can do about it, right?

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