Can't upgrade to Pro (Platinum)!

Every time I go on Our Plans | Pricing and I click on Get Pro at the 20$/month, it redirects me to the homepage! I don’t know how to fix this problem and it’s driving me insane! Please help!

Try this method. Go to and in the lower right column, you should see the “Change” button.


It should redirect you to the dashboard’s home. Which is where you start with what @Withheld proposed (and is the correct solution).

If it’s not sending you there, where is it sending you?

I clicked on that link and it directed me here

Yes, and then where do I go?

After going to the dashboard, select your domain, then scroll down to subscriptions in the right column and select change.

This is what I see. No ‘‘change’’ button.

You’re set up through Bluehost. You’d have to make any Plan changes there.

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