Cant Upgrade to Pro plan? (Reverts back to free plan an hour later)

Weird situation where when i upgrade to a pro plan it kicks the account back down to the free plan an hour later with no explanation.

The upgrade process seems to work fine, everything goes through and i get the emails confirming the plan change but then an hour later or so with no reasoning cloudflare reverts it back to free plan.

I raised a ticket but got no response. How do you actually pay cloudflare haha

Any advice appreciated


I am having the same situation. I have opened a ticket 3272454. It has been 16 hours with no response. I understand free accounts have a lower priority but the irony is that I have a pro account for an hour.

We’re having the same issue. Going on 5 days since opening ticket #3271120. Glad and sad it’s not just us. :\