Can't upgrade to a business plan

Hi, I am trying to upgrade from free plan to $250 business plan, unable to upgrade.

" Refer to for assistance. The zone cannot be upgraded at this time. (Code: 1258) "

May I ask if you’ve created a ticket? :thinking:

If yes, could you please share your ticket number here with us so we could escalate your issue.

I believe someone from #general:billing team could take a look and respond, if so. @cloonan

Kindly and patiently wait for more feedback information.

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What is a ticket number? Where can I create it? I can’t find it and now I can’t.

[quote=“ibombknights, post:3, topic:468540”]

  • Ticket ID: 2689194
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Thank you for sharing. I’ve escalated your ticket.
Kindly and patiently wait for reply and more feedback information.


Support has followed up on this matter in ticket #2689194.

It is currently not possible to upgrade to Plan Business.

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Your ticket was escalated to our Trust & Safety team, they are answered in the order received so please wait for a reply from them.