Can't update Payment information

My credit card attached to my account expired and when I try to update my payment information using either paypal, several known good credit cards or a debit card, I get the following 2 error messages :

"Too much activity on this account. Please submit a captcha with form. (Code: 1293)
Oops, there was an error communicating with the billing system. Please try again later.

The weird part is that there is no captcha on the screen.

Support keeps responding with, your transaction was declined because your credit card expired. Mean while a few of my domains have expired and support has been no help at all.

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Do you have a content blocker plugin installed in your browser?

No. I also tried other browsers.

Hi @tcarter,

Did you try an incognito browser?

Yes, I tried that without success.

Hi @tcarter,
Sorry to hear this, I do see that our team is responding to you via the ticket you submitted, so they will continue to work with you there.

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