Can't update or use my site after migration



This is the first website I have made. I had it fully working with a yclas url last night and wanted a legitimate domain, so I bought the domain from namescheap and redirected my domains to cloudflare using this guide .
But now when I go to edit the website nothing updates (it just resets in the oc panel) and when I go to make a posting the required drops downs do not render. I don’t know whether it is happening on clouflares end, namescheap end, or yclas’s end. Any help would be greatly appreciated as nobody can use my website right now! Thank you!


The link you provided gives me an Error: You do not have permissions to access Site domain.

Did you follow the instructions here?

What’s the name of the domain you added to your account?


Strange you are getting an error, I followed these instructions:

"With this process, you will be able to change your classifieds site domain name from to
Please read carefully
This process is a bit more complex than other things we do at Yclas but don’t worry, we are here to help you and to make it as simpler as possible.

To change your site domain name, you will need to:

Register a domain name. If you don't have one, click here.(namescheap i registered
Register for free at  CloudFlare.
Point the DNS server of your domain to the ones provided by Cloudflare.
Access to Cloudflare and add a CNAME with name "" and value "" 
If you want to use WWW (redirect to your domain), create another CNAME with name "www" and value ""
Remove any A records you may have like "www" or""
Confirm the modification at the bottom of this page by clicking the button "Confirm".

This change can take up to 48 hours to be completed. We will verify that your DNS is pointing to us before we let you change the domain name. "

I have started a new test server and that has a .yclas domain and that seems to be working so something in the above process messed everything up. Thanks for your help sdayman!


What domain did you register?


the original domain was


registered it as


Both domains are working fine for me. redirects to


Yeah the website opens and is view-able but it is impossible to make any changes or add any posts after the migration. Here is a link to a working test server that I created after these issues arose:
Could cloudflare be blocking something that is trying to communicate with yclas?


The answer was adblock lmao


Thx for your feedback!
Good to know. :grinning:

And I’ve to check my DNS server as o am blocking ads and tracker there and it didn’t work :smiling_imp:

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