Can't update my site

Hey guys,

I’m beyond frustrated.
I’m trying to make updates in my site’s back-end admin panel and I keep getting blocked. These are standard HTTPS requests. Most are working but one area is blocking me.

I have whitelisted my IP address in: Firewall >> Firewall Rules (Allow my IP). I have also added my IP to Firewall >> Tools >> IP Access Rules. (Allow my IP)

I am the Super- Admin in my Cloudflare account.

Please help - I should be allowed to do anything.

Thanks ~ Ken

Without knowing the specific error, it’s difficult to diagnose, but if one of your Cloudflare settings is blocking your access, it would show up in Firewall Event’s Access Log. (Firewall → Overview).

Yes, I does.

It reports:


Rule ID


Rule message

XSS, HTML Injection - Script Tag

Rule group

Cloudflare Specials

Action taken


Try a Bypass WAF instead of the Allow:

OK, I’ll give it a shot.

Will this only apply to me?

Ah…I see that it will.
Thanks ~ I’ll try it

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Still not working for me. I’m using Chrome on a PC (Windows 10)

I’d hate to have to resort to disabling that WAF rule for everyone, but at least give it a try to see if helps you.

An additional thought is to check the Firewall Events Log again to see if the IP address it recorded for you is the one you added to the firewall rule.

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