Can't update my blog

Hey there.
I’m Johannes and pretty new to this whole topic.
I manage my page via Gandi and they offer a package where you host your site on Wordpress. That is what I’m doing. Since they don’t offer free ssl, I thought to give Cloudflare a try and it works like a charm. I don’t have any issues in my frontend.
But once I login to my backend to update a page or write some new blogposts, it doesn’t update, and I get a message saying something like “update failed”. Since I don’t know a lot about this topic, I would appreciate any tips for my troubleshooting.
If you need any more information, let me know.
Thanks a million in advance.
Best, Johannes

Can you post a screenshot of that Update Failed screen? I’ve not seen that on WordPress. If you can log in and get to the admin page, everything usually works.

Do you have any access to server logs?

Here is a screenshot I took with my mobile, same issue appears on the computer as well.

As I’m the admin I could have access, but I’m not sure on how to find. Anyway I’m going to have a look.

This is sounding familiar…check your Cloudflare “Firewall Events Log”.

Also in the Firewall section is “Tools.” Go in there and add your IP address as a Whitelist. There might be a security feature here that’s blocking you from those updates.

So in my Firewall Events is nothing. Adding the IP to my Whitelist didn’t work. As for the Server Logs, I’m not sure how to access them. Thanks for your help so far, much appreciated!

Server Logs should be somewhere in your hosting account. They usually have something to click on that can show the logs for your website. Check with your host to find out where they are.

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