Can't update dns entries via API anymore

I usually use a script to act as DDNS for my home server, but by some weeks now it doesn’t work anymore. I get an unexpected error when trying to get the dns record from cloudflare. I didn’t touch any setting both in the script or in my cloudflare account at all. I’ve already asked for some help from other people using the very same script and came to the conclusion that this has to be some issue related to cloudflare rather than the script itself.

Could someone help me troubleshoot this?

Thank you in advance

What TLD (extension) is your domain?

It’s .com

Can you show as detailed screenshots as possible? It’s ok to black out the domain name, IP address, and any secret keys.

Sure, no problem. Any screenshot in particular? The cloudflare dashboard or maybe the dns tab?

Whatever you’re using to make that request. The activity screen, a config file, the error message.

Here it is. It’s a docker script

That’s certainly strange that it doesn’t work any more. Have you tried your API key instead of the token?

Actually I was using the API key when the problem began, I just switched to token just to try everything I could think of.

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