Can't updat my ssl txt


I have a new txt for update my ssl certificate and I can’t update it.

Could you help me please?

What happens when you try?


Thank you very much.

I have one certificate, it’s valid until 07.09.21 but I want to change it to another certificate.
When I tried to change it or add another certificate, I don’t recived options to add or delete my old certificate. I don’t getting this option.

That screenshot is the zone plan screen. It looks like you’re on the Pro Plan. You need a Business Plan in order to use your own certificate.

Is there a reason you don’t like the valid certificate you already have?

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No, I don’t have the Pro Plan. I have a new one and just want to keep with my new certificate.

What new certificate?

Yes, I bought domain in and I received free ssl certificate for one year.

Your domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but is not proxied. The direct connection to your server is not working. You should get that working at your host with HTTPS before you do anything else.

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