Cant uninstall the particles app

I am in the process of trying to uninstall the old “Particles” app from a number of Cloudflare pages, but I’m having a difficult time doing so.

Whereas the app used to be listed, it’s no longer there. You’ll understand what I mean if you click on the Explore Apps tab and type in particles in the search window that appears… :confused:

On the Your Installed Apps tab however, It shows as being installed, with a “Leave Feedback” and an “Edit Install” button (shown in the picture). :thinking:

When I click on the uninstall button, I get a “404 The requested resource cannot be found message.”

I have an active support ticket for this issue, so I’m hoping some good will come of that.

click on uninstall and this happens

Maybe something magic will happen and it will start working to let you delete it.

In the mean time, can you post your ticket #? Sometimes the mods jump in and push the ticket along.

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The ticket is 1814456.

@sdayman - I finally got around to doing as you suggested. I tried to uninstall the particles app from another one of my sites that it had been installed on. Same result, unfortunately (404 - Resource Not Found).

It isn’t the end of the world or anything. The particles app was great in 2018, but seems to have suffered a slow and agonizing departure. Now, I’m wishing there was a way to see what apps are installed on which pages in your account–e.g., you chose an app, and if it was installed on multiple pages (sites), a list of those pages would be shown.

As it stands now, simply previewing any other app breaks the functionality of any previously installed particles app on that page. So, that’s the “workaround” for removing what the particles app does (even though it still shows as being installed).

Still waiting to hear back from Cloudflare support on this. It’s low-priority, for sure.

Well, this is what I was told:

" A HTTP 404 error is a client side error that means that the origin web server couldn’t find a requested file. Cloudflare does not generate 404s, so this would indicate something is not configured correctly with your hosting provider. It’s possible that a document root with your origin is pointed to the wrong host name or different working directory. The best next steps would be to work with your hosting provider to identify what potential misconfiguration could be in place that would cause the origin to look for a file where it doesn’t exist."

I replied:

"The response about the 404 is not helpful, unfortunately. What I’m trying to explain is as follows:

An app shows as installed via the “Your Installed Apps” tab. When I click on “Edit Install” for that particular app, I get the HTTP 404 error. Most of the sites I have at most 3 apps: Particles, Corner Banner and Add HTML. I’ve used others (Cursor Sparkles and, but the first 3 I listed are the main ones.

Maybe the answer to the following question will be the best help of all: Is the Particles App still available to be installed (at all) via Cloudflare apps? If so, then perhaps there is an issue with my hosting provider’s configuration, as the last response I received from Cloudflare support suggested.

Thanks in advance for your help!

[PS] - I forgot to mention that I am able to uninstall the other apps listed (Corner Banner, Add HTML, Cursor Sparkles and with no problem, and they also show up as available apps when I search for them, whether I have them installed or not."


The Cloudflare Apps team has made it possible for me to uninstall the particles app (no more 404 Resource Not Found page when I try).

I don’t have a list of which pages the app is installed on, so it might take me some time to remove it from all of them (I was in the process of doing so when I encountered this issue), but at least I am able to successfully uninstall.