Can't understand how to add DNS records

I’m a newbie in DNS records and Cloudflare. I’ve added a website and when Cloudflare didn’t identify DNS records of my domain, I’ve logged in my registrar’s panel ( and found three A records and one CNAME record. Then I added the first A record on the Cloudflare’s panel and added CNAME record. The name of CNAME record on the registrar’s panel is www and Value is After that when I try to access my website, I see parking page of my registrar and not my website. Then I tried to delete CNAME on the registrar’s panel and now if I try to access my website, it’s redirected to www version and I receive access error on the browser. However, the CNAME record is still on the registrar’s panel. So I’m confused at all :frowning:

Now again I receive the parking page instead of my website

Did you also set up a hosting plan at NameSilo? That should then give you the correct DNS records for your site. They definitely shouldn’t be a CNAME for a parking page if you have a site hosted at NameSilo.

The website is hosted at Netlify and Namesilo is only the registrar of my domain.

Then Netlify should have the proper DNS records you’ll need to copy over to here.

At Netlify I see DNS record with type “NETLIFY” but there is no the same type at the Cloudflare DNS panel

Here’s their documentation on how to do this:

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Ok, I’ve read and added at Cloudflare the following two records: 1) A record with name @ and IP as mentioned on the Netlify doc page and 2) CNAME record with name “www” and value But now if I try to access my domain, I see a redirect to www and access error. As I can understand there is something wrong with CNAME ?

Ok, now it’s working

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