Can't turn off the new navigation

I felt like the dark mode but I didn’t like to navigate, it was really difficult to use and quite “confused” because there were too many options (I felt it was not scientific at all).
According to the answer in this topic, I can turn off the new navigation, but my account has no option.
I don’t know if the old navigation is really removed or not? But I hope to be able to return to using the old navigation.
And I also hope to set the interface preferences stored in the login account, every time I log in, I have to switch to the dark mode manually.

It has been removed.


Might be due to the Web browser’s Privacy & Security settings and if it remembers the website data incl. cache and cookies & storage permissions for a domain, if using Firefox:

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Oh, so bad!

I often use incognitor mode, so whenever I finish the use session, the whole history and cookies will be deleted, if the preference data is stored on the account, every time I log in, the interface will automatically change without me to conduct a manual change. Yes, I want it to be like Google, after logging in, the interface will automatically change the mode according to my previous settings.

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