Can't turn off IP6, which I need to do to IP whitelisting on website

I have a client’s page on their website that they can only access from within their internal network. It is setup to allow access ONLY from their local (but external) IP addresses.

I have the Apache module installed for Cloudflare, so the origin IP is passed as the originating IP, which allows the IP whitelisting to work as it normally would.

HOWEVER, I’m not getting random errors where ajax calls in the browser are coming in via an IP6 address from Cloudflare, and those IP6 addresses are not whitelisted.

I did some research, which says I can disable IP 6 under the networking tab, but the switch to turn it off is unavailable.

This is urgent and on a pro account, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi Peter, can’t you just simply also whitelist the IPv6 list from Cloudflare?
Other than this, like mentioned here from @sdayman, you can disable it with the API:

This option under Network may also be helpful:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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