Cant tunnel self-signed insecure https site. [wazuh]

I am trying to use make my wazuh web dashboard in my laptop accessible from my domain through Cloudflare tunnel. Cloudflare red is installed and everything else is well-setup.
But I cant access the dashboard through my public subdomain. I am able to tunnel other services on my localhost tho. It just didn’t work for this wazuh.

I believe this is because wazuh uses self signed certificate. Since wazuh doesnt run on http, https is must. So what can i do to make it work?

  1. I have pointed my subdomain to localhost:1443
  2. localhost:1443 is accessible on my machine
  3. But not accessible through the subdomain.

You should check the cloudflared log to see why it is failing to connect. You can also disable SSL verification for the tunnel.

could u also mention how to achieve the solutions u suggested.

Are you running the tunnel on windows or linux?

Thanks. as i suspected, insecure https was the reason. Disabling TLS verification worked. I can now access the dashboard.

Windows. I just have a cloudflared.exe file. Doing cloudflared --help din’t say anything about logs.

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