Can't transfer my domain from Godaddy

I try to transfer .com domain from godaddy, I followed all steps

  • unlocked domain
  • requested transfer and got authentication code
  • unlocked WHOIS or exposed it

When I issue transfer from Cloudflare dashboard and filled all my contact card as WHOIS, and confirm transfer I get screen of something went wrong without clarify what is error or issue!

I didn’t modify my contact on godaddy in the last 60 days, also renew date still after 60 days, whatelse could be the problem?

May I ask how old the .com domain name actually is?


Wait a second here.

Your topic title says you cannot transfer your domain from GoDaddy, but now saying you are issuing a transfer from Cloudflare?

I am a bit confused here :thinking:

My question to re-phrase and understand it better:

  • From which A registrar to which B registrar are you transfering your .com domain?

  • What is your domain name?

Sorry for my bad English, I meant by issuing → made request inside my dashboard in Cloudflare to transfer my domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare

Hi there-

Do you have a ticket open with us? I suggest you open a ticket with [email protected] and mention the domain name and we can look into what went wrong with the transfer.

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