Can't transfer GoDaddy domain

I’m trying to transfer my domain away from GoDaddy to Cloudflare, but the registrar section says it’s unable to transfer.

I’ve unlocked the domain, disabled auto-renew, disabled who-is privacy, and got an email from GoDaddy with the transfer code, but still the registrar section says “unsupported” next to the domain name.

What’s your domain TLD?

Here’s the list of supported TLDs:

I can’t seem to find it in the list. makes sense I couldn’t transfer.

Got anywhere I can get a domain that supports acme? (that’s the main reason I’m transfering to Cloudflare)

Also I am aware of the 60 days after purchase that the domain can’t be transferred, and as far as I’ve read Cloudflare doesn’t sell domains yet.

I’m not aware of any acme that’s registrar-dependent.

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