Cant transfer from microsoft registrar to clourflare

Registrar is Microsoft and NS is microsoft. Microsoft said there is no way to change NS i can only transfer the domain. however in Cloudflare i can only transfer the domain once i change the NS. which is impossible

May be more tricky than otherwise, … but doesn’t really sound completely impossible?

Verify that a ANOTHER_REGISTRAR will allow you to change name servers with them, and then you take the path:

  1. Transfer from Microsoft to ANOTHER_REGISTRAR
  2. You can now change the name servers.
  3. Wait 60 days
  4. Transfer from ANOTHER_REGISTRAR to Cloudflare.

At least, based on what you say, it does sound to be the only option you have, with two transfers like that, before reaching Cloudflare.

Mind if I ask, what specific section/department of Microsoft, you’re having your domain with?

I am unaware of Microsoft operating a registrar. All of their documentation pertaining to domain registration that I have found indicates that registration with be handled through a partnership with GoDaddy.

My apologies, I just copy and pasted my support request text. Essentially I would like to move my domain over to Cloudflare however in order to do that I need to first change name servers, then I can fully transfer it. In Microsoft there is no option to change nameservers. I can update records and transfer the domain but nothing about updates name servers

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