Cant transfer from Freenom to Cloudflare

Hi, I’ve been trying to upgrade my Freenom domain recently but am unable to because their billing page crashes every time i try to pay with a credit card. Seeing as how bad Freenom’s performance is here (my mail also comes in about a whole minute late, possibly due to Freenom being slow) I decided to try and transfer my domain to Cloudflare.
I found this tutorial on transferring the domain but I can’t seem to get past step 3, I don’t see the “Transfer Lock” button under the Management Tools dropdown.
Is there an up to date guide for transferring a Freenom domain to Cloudflare, I’d appreciate any help

Is the domain you’re trying to transfer a supported TLD? Please see the list of supported TLDs below.

Also, note if you currently have free domain with Freenom, you don’t “own” the domain, and, consequently, you cannot transfer it.


The domain has the .tk TLD and it is free, yes. I do want to pay for it though because I want to use it for more than a year and I don’t want someone to take it. Do you have a suggestion on how I could buy the domain now? Because I cant through Freenom due to their non functional website

If I canceled the free .tk domain would I be able to buy it through Cloudflare and how soon after?

Never mind, seems like you cant register .tk domains through Cloudflare. Any idea how I could pay for my .tk domain? I don’t want it to expire and then get taken by someone else

You will need to ask Freenom that question. Neither Cloudflare nor the Community can answer that question.

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