Can't transfer domains

I am clearly missing something obvious.

Trying to do same thing, transfer parked 2 domains to Cloudflare Registrar.

Domain 1, I have already unlocked nad have authorization code from GoDaddy.

I cannot seem to get anywhere other than setting up Dloudflare DNS (which I do not want to do).

Clicking “registrar” does not give me a list of the two domains which are awaiting the DNS update or a way to add other domains.

Screenshots here -

I have read the instructions here

I have the authorization code but cannot get to that tab, as no domain to add or select?

What am I doing worng?

Hi @ckinsella,

The domains need to be active on Cloudflare before you can transfer them. This means they should be added to your account and the nameservers changed to point to those given by Cloudflare. Once they are active, you can then transfer those with supported TLDs here.

Note that once they are registered at Cloudflare, the nameservers can’t be pointed elsewhere.

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