Can't transfer domain

I have the transfer code and have verified that the domain is unlocked at the current registrar, but when I try to transfer it to Cloudflare, it says “You currently have no domains available for transfer to Cloudflare.” even though the domain is already in my Cloudflare account.

Hi @user21225 it sounds like the domain is not using a TLD that is supported here, What is the domain name? Losing registrar is namecheap

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This TLD is supported to transfer to Cloudflare Registrar.

Nevertheless, on the WHOIS I see Registrar Status: ok

They have great support. I’d suggest you to talk to them on a chat do troubleshoot the domain Registrar Status.

So you unlocked the domain at the Namecheap interface and copied the EPP Auth Key.

May I ask have you had the domain already added to your Cloudflare account before, or currently you do not have it added to your Cloudflare account → Overview?

I am sorry to say, but that’s a bit weird :roll_eyes:

P.S. You are not using DNSSEC for your domain name → good.

I am experiencing an issue with logging into the Namecheap, maybe it’s something on their side (possibly related)?

Yes, unlocked, auth key in hand. I’m not having any problems logging in.

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Hi @user21225 sorry for the issues you are encountering. Unfortunately, in order to change registrar to Cloudflare, your domains require Full DNS Setup with Cloudflare and the zone is currently set up via a partner. You can address this by adding it directly to Cloudflare and then transferring. The transition requires a few simple steps:

The first step would be to remove the domain from your hosting partner control panel. Please contact the partner if you need any assistance to do so.

Once you do that, you can add the domain to your account at Cloudflare and proceed with a full set up on the desired plan.

You can review the following articles for more details:

Getting Started with Cloudflare
Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website
Changing your domain nameservers to Cloudflare

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Ok, working through that process now. Thanks for the help!


Having successfully completed all that, I’m on the Registrar page where it says I need to enter the auth code (which I have), but there’s no input field on the page, and the “Confirm and Proceed” button isn’t clickable


Thank you @user21225, I see a slightly different screen in your account atm, I do not know if that was/is a timing issue or not. For item 1, I see a message mentioning your current registrar and an entry box for the code below the bullets . Interestingly enough, I have different results depending upon how I navigate to that screen. Sorry!

Please try these steps.
Select Buy Domains
Select Transfer
Confirm the domain name to transfer
Follow the slightly different directions to obtain and use the code.

When navigating from the domain overview page to Manage domains I do see the same message/error that you see.

Please let us know if the above steps work for you.

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It worked! Transfer underway


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