Cant transfer domain ( not supported)

Hello, I have a “*.ai” domain i want to transfer from namecheap but it is currently showing is not supported.

What is wrong with .ai domain ?

is there a way to solve the problem?

You can only use Cloudflare Registrar with supported top level domains.

You can still use other Cloudflare services like DNS, CDN, and WAF.

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Thanks for the information.

Initially, i was using DNS ( adding DNS record at Namecheap) and everything seems fine in Cloudflare but the issue am having is that the app running on is not working on ai domain.

I have added the required setting ( IP address from fly) from to Cloudflare.

do i need to add the IP address from to Namecheap?

What nameservers are listed at your registrar? Those are the ones that need your IPs and hostnames.

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