Can't transfer a .solar domain

I’ve been trying to transfer a .solar domain to CF registrar. When I see it in my CF panel, it shows a price of $35, but when I try to actually transfer it, it’s not coming up on the list.

.solar is listed on their TLD page as a supported extension. I tried reaching out to support but they replied with:

“We currently do not offer premium pricing for premium registration, which is the reason why you cannot transfer or register premium registrations.”

Can someone translate the sentence above to English please?

Some registries list certain domains as premium, which means that standard pricing does not apply. Usually short domain names, or lists of common words. Cloudflare does not currently support these premium domains. What is premium is a decision of the registry. In some cases it is the initial registration that carries the premium, and in others they have a separate rate card for renewals also.

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Thanks, learn something new every day I guess…

Is there a way to get rid of this premium flag? Move through another registrar? Anything?

The premium is from the registry, not the registrar. So no, you cannot change this.

If you look at Premium Names | .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ you will see a typical registry offering various tiers of premium. An example of and both can be registered for $350 rather than the usual $10, and also renews for $350 per year, while drops back to the standard renewal. Cloudflare Registrar currently does not support any premium domains, but they can use all other features.

Thanks again.

Weird, my .solar name is nothing generic, it’s a custom company name.

“Currently”, but it is on the way.

We’re also planning to support premium (non-standard) priced domains

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