Can't Switch 2FA Apps

My organization requires 2FA for account access. I’m trying to switch from Google Authenticator (the absolute worst 2FA client) to Authy. To do this, I need to disable 2FA and re-enable it, but I can’t disable it because the organization REQUIRES that 2FA is always enabled.

This is a bug.

I should not have to get the organization to disable the requirement that every account has 2FA for me to switch 2FA apps.

Please fix.

Hi @aprice, sorry for the difficulty, I’ve routed the feedback to the team with regards to having google authenticator active while activating Authy, I don’t have an instance of 2FA that support that use case, but I’ve let the team know. In the meantime, the community cannot assist with 2FA issues and the best bet is to see if support can assist with a workaround, login & go to

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