Can't subscribe to Workers Pro Plan

Can’t subscribe to a pro plan for Workers (that I previously stopped 3 months ago).
It says that I’m still subscribed but I’m not, hence I can’t upgrade.

It’s visible on the Workers / Plans page. It says that I’m on the “Workers Paid plan” as well as “Your current plan” on Free plan.

Anyway I could get this fixed? :slight_smile:

BTW: Tickets don’t work, the “next” button is grayed out.

Tagging @Laurie to see if she has any insight into this.

That’s on the ticket submission workflow? Can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email associated with your account and share the ticket number here? Sorry for the trouble and thank you for letting us know. (You could also try incognito mode or different browser on the submission form to see if that affects it, tickets via that form are always best as we run automated tests that help to diagnose)

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I managed to go through the ticket creation via Firefox (Chrome didn’t work).
I’ve sent an email as you requested.

Thanks for the hand!

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Hi @desserprit.gabin I see your ticket 2257335. I’ve ensured that ticket is open and in the appropriate queue. I’ve added myself to it and do see the issue you mentioned. Sorry for the trouble.


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