Can't Subscribe to R2, Can't Buy Domains

Hey all,

My account is having problem with billing. I can’t solve it even I tried using different browsers etc.

To subscribe to the R2 service, I clicked on the blue button labeled “Add R2 subscription to your account.” However, the page reloaded and displayed the same button, trapping me in a loop that prevents me from using the service.

The other problem occurs when I try to purchase a domain name. When I try to pay, it gives me " We’re sorry, something went wrong with that." and nothing else.

I created a ticket (3282822) but since I’m a free user, I don’t know if I will receive a solution there. I wish cloudflare just show me an exact error messages

Hi there, as this is something billing-related, we are not able to assist you in community. I have routed your ticket to the billing team, and it’s best to wait for an update from them

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