Can't submit ticket

Hardly trying to submit a support ticket from Help/Contact CF but getting an error and referred to the community for reporting.

Please advise how I can receive support from CF.


Post your issue here and people will help if they can, or will let you know if you can raise a ticket.

wow, some support for paying clients…
I’d like to know if I can defer/specially handle jQuery and Re-Captcha using CF tools, maybe similar to the way Zaraz handles Google Analytics.


What plan are you on? If a paid plan you can raise a ticket, but technical questions might get a faster answer here.

Support options are here…

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I’m on the 25$/month per domain plan, the link you sent gets me to put in all the info but returns an error which I’ve lost now saying there was a problem submitting the ticket and if the problem persists to contact community forums.


What is this?
CF unless I can get support I’m closing my account today. This is not real…


Hi, Justin

We’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues. Can you please provide us with what kind of error are you facing when submitting a ticket to us? We look forward to your reply.


this is what I get after submitting a ticket from dashboard/contact us

Hi @justin70

Can you confirm if you are still seeing the issue?


There was a problem creating your ticket. Please try submitting again. If this problem persists, please report it in the Cloudflare Community.

this is so frustrating!!!
composing the ticket takes like 10 minutes with all the data required just to get this message time after time.

Please fix your system and provide some value for the big bucks your charging us CF!