Can't Submit Support Ticket (Redirected Back To Dashboard)

After spending a good hour with my hosting investigating timeouts and broken images being served on my site we concluded that it is Cloudflare.

So I go to my CloudFalre account and try to submit a ticket, but I can’t…

I’m just sent in a constant redirect loop back to my Cloudflare dashboard.


I could get into the zendesk and read previous tickets, but even on that page, when I attempt to submit a new ticket I just get redirected to my Cloudflare dashbord. I have no way of contacting support and getting my serious issues fixed.


What issue are you facing, I suspect we can assist you or get you to a Support agent if we cannot…

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This is a joke. I still can’t submit tickets to Cloudflare and I am paying for a service which is completely unusable…

I can open a ticket on your behalf, but can you share some detail so that I can ensure the ticket is routed correctly?

Can you describe the issue?

I see you were able to successfully open 2779945 a few minutes after posting here.

I did a quick :search: here for the issue you described and you may want to do the same as it appears to have been discussed here a few times. A quick test would be to go to the Overview tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard and use the Advanced link to “Pause Website.” This way you’ll completely bypass Cloudflare’s firewall. See if you can accomplish the task you described. Then Un-Pause the website.

Thankyou for helping me in solving my issue for my site of not submitting ticket Best dubai storage

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