Can't submit support ticket (paid user)

Hi, I’m trying to submit a support ticket because I can’t see my domain when I log in to my CloudFlare account and I need to access DNS records.

I login, go to ‘Get more help’ and then Submit ticket/request. The ‘select domain’ dropdown is greyed out so I cannot select a domain, and I cannot proceed unless I have selected an option, so can’t submit request.

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you


You can always open tickets via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

But if you can’t see your domain when you log in, you’re probably looking at the wrong account. Do you have any other domains in the account you’re looking at?

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Thank you! I know, it’s very bizarre. It’s on behalf of a client. They have a Cloudways account, too, but they say that name servers for the domain I need access to are with Cloudflare.

I asked about other domains because most of the domains in an account use the same pair of name servers, so if you start doing WHOIS lookups, you can usually match up domains with accounts.

At the login screen for, there’s a “Forgot my username” which lets you input a domain name, then it should send a login email to the address associated with that domain’s account.

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Thanks @sdayman. There ARE other domains in the account I’m looking at. And the hosting provider confirms that the nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare.

The problem is that I cannot be sure that the domain I’m after is even tied to the account.