Can't submit a support ticket


When I go to my support page and then scroll to the bottom, I see the submit a new ticket button. But, when I click it, I am not allowed to create a new ticket but am instead sent back to my actual Cloudflare account (outside of support) with a page titled:

Are you experiencing a problem with Cloudflare?

Is the support ticket system down or is Cloudflare no longer provided direct support to paying customers?


Are you signed in on the Support page? I’m checking mine right now to see if it works and it’s letting me in.

When I see the “Are you experiencing…” page and then click the Get More Help button, a window pops up asking me for information to submit a ticket.

If that’s still not working, try clearing your browser, etc., or switch browsers.

And if all that’s not working, you can email to open a ticket: support AT cloudflare DOT com


Yes, logged into my support account. Then click on the down arrow by my name and select My Activities & Requests. Scroll to the bottom and hit Submit a request. When I do that, it bounces me out of Support and back into my main account.

I’ll try changing browsers and see what happens.


Changed to a browser I never use with Cloudflare and got the same action.


OK, they changed the way you get to the support ticket. Seems you do have to go through the extra steps of “Get More Help.” Not obvious and the original way was much more direct.