Cant SMTP after adding Cloudflare

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I have added Cloudflare to my site and added the correct MX / CNAME records for mail, following numerous threads I have found. All appears to be correct however, I am still unable to SMTP does anyone have an incline of where I may be going wrong.

Image attached.

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All DNS records that are related to email traffic MUST be Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

In the current state of your DNS records, the third one, the A record for your naked domain,, will also need to be Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only, as the mail record is a CNAME pointing to that one.

In addition, the last record, the MX record, is also pointing to the same Proxied (:orange:) record.

Based on the screenshot, here’s the changes to make:

  1. Delete the mail record with type CNAME.

  2. Add a new mail record with type A, pointing to the same IP address as shown in the A record for

  3. Replace the Mail server field of your last record, the MX record, to become


Thank you for your response. With these changes will I still need to set the third A record to DNS only or leave that as proxied?

Yes, the A record for mail should not be proxied (ie DNS-Only).

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