Can't sign up for zero trust

Hi, I’ve tried to sign up for Zero Trust Services. But the screen cuts off. I’ve tried on a Brave and Firefox. Neither works. I’m not interested in signing up for PayPal, which is the only other option. How can I complete this?

I’ve noticed some oddities like that myself at times, where some stuff is off-screen, in different areas of Cloudflare. Have you tried adjusting the zoom-level within your browser?

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No. I’ll try that now. Thanks!

I just clicked on the Zero Trust link on my dashboard. Are they aware this link is showing as non-existent? I’m new to Cloudfare, but this seems odd. Anyway, I’m trying to sign up again. Hopefully, it works.

Odd. It worked from a different screen. Just did that. Thanks for your help. I’m good to go. :slight_smile:

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Same problem as signup1, tried different desktop browsers, incognito mode, mobile phone, broadband access, 4G access, etc.
Clicking on “Next” when submitting the form on the plan screen doesn’t do anything, be it credit card or paypal. Same results when going to Account > Settings > Payment and completing the form there and clicking on “Save”,.

HI @signup1,

Checking your account I see that you were able to successfully add your credit card and the Zero trust subscription.

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Hi @signup2,
I would recommend that you send a ticket to our support team at [email protected] including any errors you are seeing.

Hi Laurie, are you sure? because if I go to Account ( ) I don’t see anything setup at the “Plan” or “Payment” sections.

OK’ll do that. thanks!

I was. I just don’t know how to close this thread. Or if it’s me that closes it. lol

OK, here is what I did that finally worked:

Cloudflare mains dashboard ( ) go to “Manage Account” then “Billing” then “Payment info” and add a card from this screen, which worked.
After that go to the Zero Trust dashboard ( ) and verify that the payment method that was added previously was there. I then went to the “Plan” section and could follow the steps this time without problems.

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