Can't share my website on facebook when "Under Attack mode" is active

Hey, when “under attack mode” is active on my website I can’t share the post link on facebook, it gives me “just a second” text and there is no preview for the thumbnail. If I disable the under attack mode I can share the link on facebook and it’s working fine. I need the under attack mode active because if it’s not active I get huge amount of spike on my ram and cpu usage on my website and it’s really slow or not accessible at all. Is there a way to keep the under attack mode active and to be able to share the links on my facebook page normally ?
Thank you very much.

Yes, that’s the expected and normal behaviour of the services.
Furthermore, should be used only in such cacses when relevant, and not to be always enabled.

I am wondering what’s the cause of it :thinking:

Using a WAF Rule or Page Rule, I think you might be able to bypass it, since the request to get the “preview thumbnail with meta data” comes from the Facebook ASN, which can be found. However, I haven’t tested it that way, yet, therefrom cannot confirm if it would work as expected.

Kindly, see below post for help too:

Usefull post:

Helpful articles:

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Maybe using some of the other options other than, I am under attack can help?
I mean the -High, - Medium - Low ,Essentially off ones

Also I am trying this method but can’t get around the
" Your URL should reference the domain ‘’ in some way. " error message

Using a WAF Rule, you could try to SKIP or BYPASS the requests for the Security, but it might not work.

May I ask if you’re using a Free or Paid Cloudflare plan? :thinking:

Medium should work fine.

You can enable I am under an attack mode using Page Rules for specific paths for example, as shown at the article below:

There are also Configuration Rules too:

I haven’t had an case where I’d had to bypass IUAM mode yet, therefrom cannot tell from experience if it’s actually possible to bypass it once it’s enabled in general.

I am using a free plan

I will try the medium mode, to see if I can post links on facebook and get the thumbnail…

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