Can't set nameserver to leland and maxine

Hello community,

cloudflare advised me to remove the current nameservers chad and linda and set my new nameserver leland and maxine. But my domain registrar can’t save the new value because leland and maxine didn’t broadcast informations about my domain.

The Cloudflare support team is noch answering my question since wednesday, is this normal?

Best greats!

European TLD?

Thats a common issue and if you had used the search, you’d have found plenty of information about it. Basically, you need to convince either your registrar or Cloudflare’s support to override their system.

Yes its a .de domain. And my register told me, its not a good idea to set the nameserver without a check because: dig gives no result.
When ein switch now, my page is down for… hours? days? weeks? :man_shrugging:

And cloudflare is not answering my ticket. :worried:

That is not about being a good idea or not, that is because the German registry is very “particular” about that. The nameservers will respond once they are set.

Again, you can only either convince your registrar or Cloudflare. Make a pick :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for your really fast answers!
i will try it again on monday.

Ok. since yesterday i got with: dig an answer with the IP Adresse for A.
Now i thought my next step is to talk to my registrar… But the told me, they stil cant update the nameserver… :frowning:
And my ticket at cloudflare is still without any response. Even though i’m in the Pro-plan with support via email.

Did you make sure you responded to any automated reply you might have got? Otherwise Cloudflare might have closed the ticket. Is it open right now?

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