Cant Set IP to "Allow" when setting up new rules

We are trying to create a rule allowing our allowed IPs after creating a page block for our admin pages. After creating the admin page rules, we try creating an IP access rule for my home IP address (example) but the rule won’t let us “allow” the access as it doesn’t even appear in the dropdown. And when I try and set the IP at the account level it doesn’t take effect at all.

Any help is appreciated!

Are you creating an IP access rule?

Security → WAF → Tools, or click this link-

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yes, I did that, then when I activate the rule to block everyone from accessing the admin pages I get blocked also.

Hi @marketingnow123 ,

Just to clarify.

  1. You have created Firewall Rules under WAF → Custom Rules
    1a) This blocks all traffic to your site
  2. You are trying to create an IP Access rule to unconditionally Allow your IP unrestricted access to your site.


In IP Access rule you simply type in your IP address and click on the resulting dropdown to activate the selection. Then Add.

Thank you.

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Yes, I did that but it still blocked that IP after I activated the admin page blocks.